Core Studio : Design VI in Rome
Professors : John Zissovici + Alberto Iacovoni
Spring 2019

As an introduction to a semester spent in Rome, a graphic analysis of a monumental structure was performed. The intersection of four aqueducts - Aqua Claudia, Anio Novus, Aqua Marcia, and Aqua Felice - at Porta Furba is a site of immense complexity, where one can not only trace the techtonics of ancient ruins, but also map the area’s transformations throughout the last two millenniaThe aim was to both transcribe the historical landscape - including restorations, - and study materiality and occupation of the acqueducts. We were interested in the parasitical and symbiotic qualities of the aqueducts, focusing on how the most recent one - Aqua Felice - interacts with Porta Furba’s infrastructural landscape.
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